Grated raw potatoes paranthas



Besan or jowar or any other flour for binding
2 raw potatoes, grated
1 cup chopped spinach
Salt to taste
i/2 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp sesame seeds
Red chilli powder (to taste, optional)
Chopped green chillies (to taste, optional)
Powdered roasted peanuts


1. Grate potato and add chopped spinach (can use any other leafy veggie too).

2. Add salt, turmeric, sesame seeds, red chilli powder/chopped green chillies and powdered roasted peanuts.

2. Add a little jowar flour (or besan) to get a dough like consistency. No need to add water.

3. Make into flat thick paranthas and roast both sides until golden on a tawa.

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