Sabzi Mandi is a partnership between Hanif Ratanshi and Ravinder Narula. It is more than a partnership to these two people, it’s their passion. These two long time friends have done everything in their power, pleasing you for over 30 years. As our tagline reads “Your Fresh Choice”, these two have truly come up with innovative ideas to make your shopping experience a great one. The “Fresh” from our tagline not only means you will get the freshest fruits and vegetables available, spring and summer from local B.C. farms and during fall and winter from around the world, but it also means Fresh thinking. The first Fresh idea these two came up with among many is joining each other. Hanif has more than 35 years in wholesale, more than anyone else in the business, and Ravinder has more than 30 years in retail, more than anyone else in the business. One can say, “A match made in heaven.” Another “Fresh” concept for you but old for us, the fact that we go the extra mile, as part of our promise to you to make Sabzi Mandi your most enjoyable one-stop experience, we will custom order any product* you are unable to find or require from India. Yes, we care that much!

The main reason we are able to provide you with an invaluable experience is because we here at Sabzi Mandi believe in family. Once someone becomes a part of our team here at Sabzi Mandi they become a part of our Sabzi Mandi family. This makes a huge difference to your shopping experience as it is a family like atmosphere. Every one of our family members will go the extra mile to satisfy your needs and make your trip to Sabzi Mandi as enjoyable as possible. Come to Sabzi Mandi and become a part of our family.

If you would like to express any questions/concerns or would simply like to give us more ideas to make your experience better, feel free to send us an email at

If you’re tired of machines and would like to talk to someone face to face, who better than Ravinder Narula himself, you can find him at the Newton location.

*Products we import for you from India do not include dairy, pharmaceutical items and anything banned by the Canadian government.