Covid- 19 Updates

  1. Masks are recommended for entry into our stores.
  2. Please maintain social distancing while shopping as well as when in public. Minimum of two meters. Please look for markings on the ground.
  3. Please be patient as we are doing our best to ensure you find everything you need while keeping everyone safe. So please follow instructions from our staff.
  4. Our shelves are full. So please purchase only what you need and there is no need to panic buy. We will constantly be replenishing our inventory throughout the day.
  5. Please avoid touching multiple items in the store while shopping. Please touch it only if the item is being purchased to avoid transfer to other customers as well as our employees.
  6. We are open regular business hours to serve you.
  7. United we will get through this tough time.

Thanking all family, friends and customers for coming to our store today and showing their support. This motivates us to do better and keep on going

Sabzi Mandi Supermarket Management